Dana Vespoli's Real Sex Diary, Scene #02

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  • : 11-15-2014 |
  • : 44:23 min |
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Tattooed MILF Dana Vespoli shares intimate footage of her private date with sensual brunette Adriana Chechik. In Dana's living room they talk casually about their history; they work together because they enjoy each other's 'perveyness,' but this is off-hours time for digging into their mutual attraction ... and Adriana's asshole. Adriana says she feels 'awkward' with nothing up her butt, so as the ladies tell porn stories, Dana slips four lubed fingers into Adriana's anus. Dana stuffs a toy hand into masturbating Adriana's rectum. Adriana fingers her own butthole and makes it wink. As widely splayed, shaved Adriana grips her heels up by her head, the ladies converse (just like guys!) about wining and dining girls and then getting no sex.